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Victoria Trailer Rentals

Cargo and Dump Trailer Rentals for all your needs

Victoria Trailer Rentals. Whether you’re planning to move homes, deliver supplies, or transport debris, a sturdy, long-haul-friendly trailer with ample storage is essential. When you choose us for your trailer needs, you can rest assured of receiving the most durable models for safe and secure cargo transport. All our trailers are new, well-maintained, reliable, and attach to your vehicle using a standard-size trailer hitch.

We provide high-grade Enclosed Cargo Trailer Rentals of various makes, dimensions, and designs, to meet all your moving needs. Further, we ensure that your movables are not damaged while loading. Therefore, we offer accommodating loading ramps that can work with low clearance vehicles such as sports cars. Our trailer rentals deliver convenience, safety, and peace of mind, in transporting your valuable belongings.  

We also provide Hydraulic Dump Trailer rentals with a payload capacity of up to 10,000 pounds. These dump trailers offer versatility to haul almost all industrial movables, including sand, debris, scrap, and building materials. These also come with height-adjustable couplers for convenient loading and unloading. These are excellent as landscapers and for moving small equipment, roof shingles, renovation debris, firewood, mulch, or soil.

Why choose us?

When you trust us for your moving rental needs, you effectively choose your movables’ safety during long hauls. The reason for this is that we offer receiver hitches, cargo straps, and heavy-duty dollies with our enclosed trailers to minimize movement inside trailers due to jerks. Further, our dump trailers are robust enough to bear the stated payload with ease. Our team gives it’s all to understand your moving requirements and provide unparalleled customer interaction.     

Get in touch

If you are keen on learning more about our services or want to avail of our trailer rental services for your moving needs, feel free to reach out to our team. We will gladly assist you, sort out your queries, and suggest the most appropriate solution for your trailer rental needs.