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Victoria Excavator VT10

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Victoria Excavator VT10

Victoria Excavator VT10 Do you want an excavator that can maneuver into any construction site, despite the surface challenges? You can never go wrong with a mini excavator. The Victoria Excavator V10 is the ultimate choice for projects that have reached stages where the large excavators cannot be used. This mini excavator for sale Victoria BC offers better access with high-value onsite performance for all work types.

Key Features of the Victoria Excavator VT10

Victoria Excavator VT10 offers several excellent features that make it an ideal choice for a variety of earth-moving tasks. These include:

Better fuel efficiency

This mini excavator is a compact excavator with a better fuel consumption ratio compared to most other excavators in the market today. It uses a Briggs & Stratton Gasoline engine with a capacity of 9.9kw, 14HP, EPA which means it can handle lightweight to heavy tasks efficiently without consuming more fuel.

Wider swing and climbing gradient

The VT10 offers a swing boom angle of 65 degrees, allowing you to make fewer positioning when you want to move something at an angle. Plus, the climbing gradient of 30 degrees means you’ll get to climb and work on slanting surfaces efficiently.

Lower weight capacity

If you need a mini excavator that can work efficiently on slightly unstable grounds, the VT10 excavator is an ideal choice. Weighing only 950 kg/2095lbs, this mini excavator for sale Victoria BC can climb on surfaces without doing the damage that large excavators do.

Where to use The Victoria Excavator VT10

When choosing a mini excavator, one of the key considerations is the number of projects that the machines can be used. The V10 offers better agility and versatility, making it ideal for:

  • Gardening and landscaping.
  • Trenching.
  • Grading.
  • Small structure demolition.
  • Plowing snow.
  • Digging holes.

The range of activities you can carry out with the Victoria Excavator V10 is certainly endless. Add efficiency while reducing costs of your projects by buying this mini excavator for sale Victoria BC today. Contact us for inquiries or any queries about the VT10 mini-excavator, and we’ll be glad to help you.

Victoria Excavator VT10
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Victoria Excavator VT-10 Specifications

Weight kg 950
Bucket capacity m³ 0.025
Bucket digging capacity kn 10.3
Engine BRIGGS & STRATTON (Gasoline
engine)9.9kw,14 HP,EPA
Swing Boom °65
Climbing gradient °30
Track length mm 1090 / 3′.58″
Platform ground clearance mm 380 / 1′.25″
Rear-end swing radius mm 733 / 2′.40″
Width of chassis mm 946 / 3′.10″
Width of track mm 180 / .59″
Height of track mm 320 / 1′.05″
Over-length mm 2550 / 8.37″
Machine height mm 2200 / 7′.22″
Walking speed km/h 2.3
Max. digging radius mm 2400 / 7′.87″
Max. digging depth mm 1650 / 5′.41″
Max. digging height mm 2490 / 8′.17″
Max. dumping height mm 1750 / 5′.74″
Max. vertical depth mm 1400 / 4′.49″
Min. gyration radius mm 1190 / 3′.90″
Max. lifting height of dozer blade mm 325 / 1′.07″
Max. lifting depth of dozer blade mm 175 / .57″