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Victoria Excavator VT-30

Do you need a mini excavator that offers a wide variety of attachments for versatility? The Shandong Hixon Victoria Excavator VT-30 comes with a hydraulic boom and up to 12 attachments to allow you to handle any project. This mini excavator for sale in Victoria, BC is also robust and agile, which are key features when handling slightly larger projects that also need more power.

Key Features of the Victoria Excavator VT-30

The VT-30 mini excavator has plenty of excellent features to make any earth-moving project a success. Here are the key features to look forward to when working with this mini excavator:

 Variety of attachments

One of the key considerations when shopping for a mini excavator is the range of attachments. The VT-30 offers several attachments to make it easier to work on different types of projects, including hole drilling, loads lifting, earth movement, etc. These attachments include:

  • Auger.
  • Log grapple.
  • Five peels grapple.
  • Hydraulic quick hitch.
  • Hydraulic thumb bucket.
  • Breaker.
  • Trailer.
  • Forklift
  • Rake.
  • Ripper.
  • Toothless bucket.
  • Teeth bucket.

With this choice of attachment, you can efficiently work on any project without too much hassle.

Great Gear selection

The VT-30 is built to reduce the amount of work the driver has to do through an automatic gear selection mechanism, especially when traveling. The mini excavator can shift gears automatically when traveling. If it encounters an obstacle, it automatically changes both the speed and gear to achieve a higher torque to overcome the hindrances.

High power output

This mini excavator for sale Victoria BC is powered by Kubota 05 Series V1505 engine which gives it 24.80 horsepower and up to 2300 RPM. This, coupled with the automatic gear and speed selection, the VT-30 offers a long-lasting power output to handle any magnitude of mini construction work.

360-degree swing capability

The VT-30 adds a much better versatility than its VT10 sister. This mini excavator can achieve 360 degrees swing, thus eliminating the need to reposition during use. It can make up to 10 rotations a minute.  

Get The VT-30 Excavator For All Projects

Regardless of the project type, you have in mind, the Victoria Excavator VT-30 can handle it. Some projects include:

  • Digging and quarrying.
  • Drilling holes.
  • Landscaping.
  • Drilling garden ponds and swimming pools.
  • Sewer line repairs.
  • Structures demolition.

Get in touch with us today and let us help you acquire the VT-30 mini excavator.

victoria excavator vt-30
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Victoria Excavator VT30 Side

The Kubuta 05 Series (4-Cylinder) V1505-E4B


VT-30 Technical Specification

  • Engine: Kubota: V1505, 18.2Kw / 24.8 HP
  • Walking speed: 2.7 Km/h
  • Rotation speed: 10r/min
  • Total length: 4180 mm / 13′.71″
  • Total width: 1350 mm / 4’43”
  • Total height: 2200 mm / 7.’22”
  • Crawler length: 2000 mm / 6′.56″
  • Crawler width: 230 mm / .75″
  • Body width: 1350 mm / 4′.43″
  • Maximum digging height: 3900 mm / 12.80″
  • Maximum dumping height: 2600 mm / 8′.53″
  • Maximum digging depth: 2500 mm / 8′.20″
  • Maximum digging radius: 4040 mm / 13′.25″
  • Platform clearance to ground: 458 mm / 1′.50″
  • Swing angle: 360°
  • Climbing gradient: 30°

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