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Mini Excavator Hydraulic Hammer

Mini Excavator Hydraulic Hammer

Victoria Trailers prides itself in meeting all your excavation needs, from renting a Mini Excavator to finding the right attachment match for the same. If you want to minimize the demolition, trenching, and breaking time of your excavation, go with our Mini Excavator Hydraulic Hammer. Its high working pressure and impact rate equip your mini excavator to take up unbelievably challenging demolition jobs that you couldn’t imagine executing without full-sized excavators before.

Our Hydraulic Hammer offers simplicity, reliability, and ease of setup, which makes attaching it with your excavator and using it on-site incredibly effortless. Further, its power-to-weight ratio and long drill rod size ensure high effectiveness in tight locations with a significant amount of rock, stone, or other sturdy materials.

We only offer top-quality equipment to our clients. Our Hydraulic Hammer is built to last and can withstand extra harsh on-site demolition operations. Therefore, we only invest in equipment made from the highest-quality materials. We also ensure that periodic maintenance is undertaken on all our equipment, so they are in excellent working condition.

Why choose us?

You will have no doubt about our equipment quality once you get in touch with us. However, if you are unsure of your requirements, you can rely on our team of excavator attachment experts. We offer years-long experience and know-how with all our products. We do our best to provide you with excavation solutions that speed up the excavation and increase our client’s profitability.

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We are here to help you with all your excavation-related needs, so reach out to us today. We will provide every assistance you need to find the best excavation equipment matching your requirements.

Hydraulic Hammer Attachment

It is equipped for 2-3.5 Ton Excavators.

  • Pin diameter 30 mm / 1.18″
  • Drill rod size 45 mm / 1.77″
  • Open size 105 mm / 4.13″
  • working pressure: 1285-1715 PSI
  • Working flow:5.28-10.56 GPM
  • Impact rate: 700-1200 BPM
  • Nitrogen tank
  • Nitrogen filler pressure gauge
  • Tool kit
  • hydraulic hoses (you may require different fittings depending on your machine)

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