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Mini Excavator Hydraulic Auger

Mini Excavator Hydraulic Auger

If your upcoming project involves digging holes on soft or hard surfaces, our Mini Excavator Hydraulic Auger is your best friend. Victoria Trailers is your one-stop shop for all your excavation needs. We continuously make efforts to bring you the best quality mini excavator attachments that not only give the desired results but also get the job done quickly.

Our Hydraulic Auger selection is compatible with 1 to 4-ton excavators and can dig holes as deep as 42″. You can use it for digging holes for piers, poles, posts, or trees in a variety of soil conditions. Due to high Torque and Motor Displacement, our Hydraulic Augers are very efficient and give faster results.

We strive to provide you with top-quality equipment because we very well understand that a Mini Excavator is only as good as its attachments. Therefore, keeping the equipment in the best possible condition is our top priority, and we take periodic maintenance very seriously. We can never compromise with customer satisfaction because we are here to stay.

Why choose us?

Our team of excavator attachment experts offers consultation through specialized knowledge and experience. Therefore, we are well-equipped to understand your excavation attachment needs and will suggest you the most appropriate equipment. With our equipment, you can maximize your mini excavator’s output and complete your excavation project successfully and timely.

Get in touch feel free to reach out to us any time for consultation and assistance with your Mini Excavator Hydraulic Auger needs. We will ensure that you get the best equipment at best of the market rates because that’s what we are here for.

Mini Excavator hydraulic Auger

Great for 1-4 Ton Mini Excavators

1 1/4″ Hex

42″ Long

7 1/2″ Wide

370lbs Torque

Motor Displacement 250