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Mini Excavator Attachments

Mini Excavator Attachments for all your needs

Whether you’re renting a Mini Excavator from us or simply using the one you own, Victoria Trailers has taken it upon itself to provide you with a one-stop shop for all your excavation needs. You don’t have to knock on several doors once you come to us. You can simply choose your appropriate attachment along with renting the Mini Excavator from us or even for the excavator you already have.

We provide an extensive lineup of mini excavator attachments to equip you for any excavation job. Some of the attachments we offer are Hydraulic Auger, Quick Coupler, Hammer, Hydraulic Rotating Grappler, and Hydraulic Thumb Bucket, among others. Our mini excavator attachments are adept for the toughest applications and are compatible with a wide variety of excavators.

We ensure that we have top-quality equipment on our shelf, and therefore, we apply standard periodical maintenance to keep all our Mini Excavator attachments in like-new condition. After all, Mini Excavators are only as versatile as their attachments allow them. With our selection, you can take on any construction, land clearing, or demolition job and complete it successfully in no time.

Why choose us?

We believe in going the extra mile when it comes to customer service. Our team of excavator attachment experts offers the best of its knowledge and experience when you contact us for your excavation attachment needs. Our team gives its all to understand your excavation needs and consult you to maximize your mini excavator’s output by suggesting you the best attachment for your requirement.

Get in touch

Give us a call for all your mini excavator attachment needs, and let’s explore the most appropriate solutions for your project. Our equipment ensures you get more done in less time, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you. Your successful and timely-completed excavation is a matter of our pride.

Mini Excavator hydraulic Auger

Mini Excavator Hydraulic Auger Attachment

1 1/4″ Hex

42″ Long

7 1/2″ Wide

370lbs Torque

Motor Displacement 250

Mini Excavator Quick Coupler

Mini Excavator Quick Coupler

Hydraulic Hammer Attachment

Mini Excavator Hydraulic Hammer

Includes: Nitrogen gas charging device and tank

Ripper Attachment

Mini Excavator Ripper Attachment

Mini Excavator Hydraulic Rotating Grapple Attachment

Mini Excavator Hydraulic Rotating Grappler

Hydraulic Thumb Bucket

Mini Excavator Hydraulic Thumb Bucket