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2.7T Mini Excavator Rental

Used Mini Excavator For Sale

2.7T Mini Excavator Rental

Are you running a one-time project and need an excavator? We have the versatile 2.7T Mini Excavator for rental, capable of tackling any project. Renting this excavator is also a great way of cutting down your costs compared to buying a new one. If running on a tight project budget, our mini excavator rental Victoria, BC can help you become cost-efficient during execution.

Why Choose Our 2.7T Mini Excavator Rental?

This mini excavator offers every reason to rent it apart from just saving you money. It’s equipped with the following features to help you complete your projects efficiently and on time:

Robust engine horsepower

The 2.7T mini excavator comes with a Kubota V1505 engine built for agility, performance, and durability. With this engine, you get up to 24.8 horsepower to move weights with ease.

High versatility

This mini excavator offers lots of versatility when it comes to doing various tasks. It offers a maximum digging height of 12ft 8 in, a dumping height of 8ft 53in, and a digging radius of 13ft 25 in. with a platform-to-ground clearance of 1ft 50in, you can do more, and save time with minimal hassle.

Better fuel and transportability efficiency

This mini excavator rental in Victoria, BC offers better fuel efficiency for all types of work tackled. While avoiding the cost of buying a new unit, you will also be saving more money on fuel while getting your projects done faster. The 2.7T mini excavator is also easy to transport to the required site.

Where To Use The 2.7T Mini Excavator Rental

The 2.7T mini excavator is equipped with robust and durable features to make it ideal for a variety of projects. They’re equipped with rubber tracks to reduce the extent of damage caused on hard surfaces. With 360 degrees swing angle and a climbing gradient of 30 degrees, you can rely on this mini excavator for all types of projects, including:

  • Leveling hills.
  • Small structure demolitions.
  • Tree stumps removal.
  • Material handling and movement.
  • Trench digging.
  • Excess earth movement.
  • Snowplowing.

2.7Ton/5400lbs Excavator Specs

  • Engine: Kubota: V1505, 18.2Kw / 24.8 HP
  • Walking speed: 2.7 Km/h
  • Rotation speed: 10r/min
  • Total length: 4180 mm / 13′.71″
  • Total width: 1350 mm / 4’43”
  • Total height: 2200 mm / 7.’22”
  • Crawler length: 2000 mm / 6′.56″
  • Crawler width: 230 mm / .75″
  • Body width: 1350 mm / 4′.43″
  • Maximum digging height: 3900 mm / 12.80″
  • Maximum dumping height: 2600 mm / 8′.53″
  • Maximum digging depth: 2500 mm / 8′.20″
  • Maximum digging radius: 4040 mm / 13′.25″
  • Platform clearance to ground: 458 mm / 1′.50″
  • Swing angle: 360°
  • Climbing gradient: 30°
  • Fully enclosed cab
  • A/C
  • Heating
  • Minor Demolition
  • Backfill blade for leveling and stabilizing
  • Rubber tracks reduce damage to hard surfaces

Affordable rental rates 

Victoria Trailers understands how expensive it can be to run a project. That is why we offer our 2.7T mini excavator rental at unbeatable rates. We have daily, weekly, and monthly rental packages as below:

  • Daily rental – $197
  • Weekly rental – $997
  • 4 weeks rental – $2,177

Delivery ($59 each way Victoria area), fuel, and extra attachments are not included. Comes with a standard dig bucket and hydraulic thumb bucket.

Available Attachment Rentals

Hydraulic Thumb Bucket

Hydraulic Thumb Bucket

Ripper Attachment

Ripper Attachment


Standard dig bucket

Standard Dig Bucket