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Sure Trac Hydraulic Dump Trailers

Sure-Trac Hydraulic Dump Trailers

If you’re in need of a dump trailer, a Sure-Trac Hydraulic Dump trailer can handle the load.  Built with performance in mind, they can reliably tackle any job.  Sure-Trac Dump Trailers feature secure fit, easy maneuverability, and exceptional payload capacity.  These quality dump trailers are available in a variety of sizes and structural configurations, making them completely customizable to your needs. 

Among our many options at Sure-Trac, you can find:

  • Heavy Duty Low Profile Dump Trailer  Designed for the professional, the low deck height on this dump trailer is designed for easy loading and unloading and high ground clearance. 
  • HD Low Profile Dump Trailer w/ 4’ Sides  With 4-foot sidewalls, this dump trailer has an increased capacity but a low profile.
  • HD Low Profile Tri-Axle Dump Trailer  There’s no job too tough for this 21,000 lb. dump trailer.  It offers over 15,000 lbs. of payload and a lot of other options.
  • HD Deckover Dump Trailer w/ Fold-Down Sides  The fold-down sides featured on this dump trailer make easier work of loading and logs, pallets, bales, and other materials. 
  • HD Tandem Dual Dump Trailer  Engineered for hard work, this dump trailer features an I-beam gooseneck coupler, power up/power down hydraulics, and other features.
  • SD Deckover Dump  A narrower profile and lighter weight make this dump trailer perfectly suited for lighter payloads, such as hauling dirt or gravel. 
  • SD Low Profile Dump  Another excellent choice for a low profile dump trailer, this dump trailer is engineered to be towed behind half-ton pickup trucks.  It can handle congested areas efficiently.
  • Low Profile Homeowner Dump  Mount this trailer to your pick-up or SUV and let it carry the extra load for you.  Perfect for residential use.
  • Utility Dump  Haul any load around your property with ease in this smartly-designed home trailer that is also street legal.

Sure-Trac dump trailers are also uniquely available in three styles of hydraulic hoist.  The dual ram cylindrical hoist is cost effective and easy to maintain.  The structural stability and long battery life of the scissor hoist make it another great option.  The telescopic hoist is extremely efficient at lifting heavy loads. 

Every Sure-Trac Dump Trailer model is a proven performer and an excellent choice if you value efficiency, and superior design quality and durability.  The difference is in the details. 

The Sure-Trac Difference | Hydraulic Dump Hoist Comparison

Personal Financing & Business Leasing Available


4.5×8 Sure-Trac Utility Dump Trailer

5x8-sure-trac dump-trailer

5×8 Sure-Trac Utility Dump Trailer


5×10 7k & 10k Sure Trac Dump Trailers

6x10 Sure Trac Dump Trailer

6x10 Sure Trac Dump Trailer 7k & 10K

6x12 sure trac dump trailer

6×12 Sure Trac Dump Trailer 10K

7x12 Sure trac dump trailer

7×12 Sure-Trac Dump Trailer 12K & 14k

7X14 Sure Trac Dump Trailer 14k

7×14 Sure-Trac Dump Trailer 14k Dual Ram, Scissor, or Telescopic


8X14 Deck over Sure Trac Dump Trailer 14k & 16k

Sure Trac Dump Trailers