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Royal Cargo Trailers

Royal Cargo Trailers Made in Lethbridge Alberta, Canada

Royal Cargo Quality.

The Lightning series is made with the same attention to detail and quality we build into all of our trailers.

Whether you’re looking for an economical solution for your small business needs or an entry level SUV friendly weekend hauler, the Lightning gets it done with the same reliability as its bigger brothers.
Rivetless Finish

The biggest news is that the Lightning line will be assembled with 3M VBH tape, the same product that is used for Skyscrapers, cell phones, refrigerators … all of which rely on high-strength bonding tape to complete one or more steps in the assembly process.

Our procedure reduces material fatigue from the expansion and contraction that is caused by temperature variations and travel wear from vibration, which means a longer trailer life.

Royal Cargo Trailers Currently Available

5×10 White with barn doors

6×12 White With barn doors

6×12 Black with barn doors

7×14+2′ v-nose with barn doors or rear ramp

7×14 flat nose with barn doors or rear ramp

8.5×20 Black Car Hauler 86Interior Height