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Royal Cargo Trailers Made in Lethbridge Alberta, Canada

Southland Royal Cargo Trailers

Southland has been an industry leading brand in Canada for 30 years, and their trailers have stood the test of time.  Throughout the corporation’s history their knowledgeable and skillful engineers have continually pushed their production standards higher.   With exceptional craftsmanship, thoughtful engineering, and attention to detail, Southland Trailers have developed a formula for a superior final product.  They utilize cutting-edge technology to reduce travel wear from vibration and temperature fluctuations, adding up to a longer lifespan for these high-performers. 

Southland offers an exceptional line of high-performance Royal Cargo Trailers, including:


The same attention to detail and commitment to quality is put into every Southland trailer, including the Lightning series.   These can be seen as an entry-level SUV friendly weekend warrior, as well as a lighter weight workhorse for your small business hauling needs. 

Known as the top choice of economy-class models, the Lightening trailer will give smooth, reliable performance without denting your pocketbook.  Built to withstand heavy loads and challenging terrain, they will serve you well. With double hinge doors, radial tires, and a one-piece aluminum roof, they are simply well built and effective.   Available in Flat nose and V nose, as well as a wide range of customizable color options!


Built with safety and security in mind, Southland offers any type of hauler you need to confidently transport your ride wherever you need to go.  The XR Sled line continues to be the best selling trailer for all cold season work and winter fun activities.  The XR Sport is uniquely designed to accommodate your off-road vehicles with plenty of extra storage room.  The XR Cargo Series is perfect for those that like to work hard and play harder.    Preferred by contractors, off-road enthusiasts, and weekend warriors alike, the XR Series comes with top-level standard features such as enclosed wiring and a rivetless finish.  They come packed with features designed to provide the smoothest transportation of your prized possessions and beloved toys.  Extra 2-way ventilation is an optional safety feature of the XR Series to reduce the possibility of a dangerous buildup of fumes.  At Southland we take safety seriously.

Personal Financing & Business Leasing Available

Southland Royal Cargo Trailers

5×10 White with barn doors

6×12 White With barn doors

6×12 Black with barn doors

7×14+2′ v-nose with barn doors or rear ramp

7×14 v-nose with barn doors or rear ramp 86″ interior height

8.5×20 Black Car Hauler 86″ Interior Height

southland royal cargo trailers